Why work
in Nunavut?

Finding your place

Imagine finding a career that is both exciting and well paid! In Nunavut, there are many vacancies available in public administration, health, the mining and oil exploration and exploitation industries, construction and land planning as well as in the hospitality, restaurant and tourism industries. Specialists in technical fields are also very sought-after. Take a look at our vacancies and highlight your skills in an application!

Use our guidance

By choosing Carrefour Nunavut, you will have access to all the relevant information you need regarding employment opportunities in Nunavut. You will have access to training and to comprehensive job-hunting services such as putting you in contact with local employers, help with writing your CV and mock interviews. In addition, your CV will be posted and maintained in a databank so that potential employers can contact you.

Grow your skill set and increase your earnings

Nunavut boasts the second highest hourly rate in Canada, with an average of $28.16 per hour (Statistics Canada, 2013). In addition, in the majority of cases, people who choose to live and work in this territory earn a premium (cost of living allowance for expensive regions). The opportunity to improve, to develop their potential, to learn to work as part of a team, and to discover their capabilities and surpass them are also some of the many reasons why people choose to work in Nunavut.

Work in Nunavut

Imagine getting a job that is both challenging and rewarding! See testimonials from people here. By using Carrefour Nunavut, you will receive all the information you need about job opportunities in Nunavut.