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6 tips for writing a winning resume

The curriculum vitae is an indispensable tool in the context of a job search. It should be considered as a marketing tool to promote you to potential employers and to differentiate you from other candidates. It is therefore important to take the time to write a resume that represents you well while looking after his presentation.


To help you write or update your resume, here are 6 tips:

The cleanliness

Who says clean says no misspelling. The spelling mistakes are comparable to a stain on your resume and do not believe that employers will not dwell on it. Far from it, the container is as much studied as the content! Do not hesitate to have your CV corrected by a person who is fluent in written French.


If you want the employer to spend time looking at your resume, it must be clear and concise. You must indicate the essential and write very brief sentences. Details of your experiences can be developed in your cover letter. An effective CV should not exceed three pages. Remember that the employer spends only a few seconds reading a resume.



The information in your CV should be placed in a way that captures the reader's attention. List your relevant experiences and training that are directly related to the coveted position from the beginning of the resume. Note that the introductory paragraph and the "Recreation" section are superfluous in a CV. Recruiters do not take the time to read this information that only serves to clutter your resume. Keep this information for the cover letter and the interview.


Present a portrait that really matches your personal and professional profile. Be honest, do not embellish the truth and especially do not add false information. Recruiters have the eye to spot biased information because they are experts in the field. The more true and authentic you are, the more likely you are to be interviewed.


In our culture, photo, date of birth and social insurance number have no place in a curriculum vitae. Never enter this personal information to avoid being used to your disadvantage and to the benefit of other candidates. Anyway, this information has no connection with the qualification requirements and the recruiter can very well view your profile and see your photo on LinkedIn.

The simplicity

Keep it simple by avoiding unconventional colors, images and writing styles. Also, avoid unnecessary information and focus on important, relevant and necessary information. Do not forget to add a personal touch to your resume to make you stand out from the crowd. Even if the CV must be simple, you have to know how to customize it.


Attention !

La partie ne sera toutefois pas gagnée avec seulement votre CV comme outil de recherche d’emploi. Il doit être accompagné d’une lettre de présentation également adaptée aux exigences du poste convoité.