RDÉE Canada

The power of the francophone network

The Réseau de développement économique et d’employabilité (RDÉE Canada) promotes the economic development of francophone and Acadian communities in Canada.


This national not-for-profit organisation is present in all the provinces and territories through provincial and territorial organisations, such as Carrefour Nunavut, to whom RDÉE Canada offers a range of important activities and support services.


This national network contributes to the development of francophone and Acadian communities in their region by helping them to meet challenges and take full advantage of potential business and employment opportunities. RDÉE Canada ensures the engagement, collaboration and coordination of all the members of its network at the national level. 


RDÉE Canada team uses the data from these studies to move forward on issues related to its five economic issues: tourism, economic immigration, business services, green economy and economic youth. They therefore support the work of the Working Groups on Economic Issues (GTEÉ), five expert formations from each member organization of the network who collectively give themselves the means to better intervene on the ground.