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Call on us! When you contact Carrefour Nunavut, you will receive useful information about employment opportunities in Nunavut. You will also have access to training and French-language employability and job-hunting services.

Why work in Nunavut?

Finding your place

Imagine finding a career that is both exciting and well paid! In Nunavut, there are many vacancies available in public administration, health, the oil and mining industries exploration and exploitation industries, construction and land planning as well as in the hospitality, restaurant and tourism industries. Specialists in technical fields are also very sought-after. Take a look at our vacancies and highlight your skills in an application


Use our guidance

By choosing Carrefour Nunavut, you will have access to all the relevant information you need regarding employment opportunities in Nunavut. You will have access to training and to comprehensive job-hunting services such as putting you in contact with local employers, help with writing your CV and mock interviews. In addition, your CV will be posted and maintained in a databank so that potential employers can contact you.


Grow your skill set and increase your earnings

Nunavut boasts the second highest hourly rate in Canada, with an average of  $28.16 per hour (Statistics Canada, 2013). In addition, in the majority of cases, people who choose to live and work in this territory earn a premium (cost of living allowance for expensive regions). The opportunity to improve, to develop their potential, to learn to work as part of a team, and to discover their capabilities and surpass them are also some of the many reasons why people choose to work in Nunavut.


Economic growth

Since 1999, Nunavut has experienced the strongest economic growth in the country.


Weekly salary

Nunavut ranks 3rd in the Canadian highest weekly salary chart, with an average of 1 033,75 $

(Statistics Canada, 2013).


Tax rate

It is the lowest in Canada (Revenue Canada, 2014).


Employment on the rise

In Nunavut, employment figures for the mining, oil and gas sectors and the services sector increased by approximately 33% and 7.6% respectively (January 2014).

Our services



In order to remain attractive in the job market, we offer accompaniment, counselling and job search support services to our clients. As resources at Carrefour Nunavut, we put at your disposal:

  • Up to date list of job opportunities
  • Assistance with job hunting and training
  • Mock interviews
  • Information about the labour market
  • Editing and translation of CVs and cover letters
  • Computer with internet connection
  • Telephone and Fax calls (local and long distance)
  • Photocopier, scanner, printer
  • Referral to other organisations
  • Enterprise development support


If you would like further information on employability in Nunavut or would like to send us your CV, please contact: jobs@carrefournunavut.ca

Telephone: 867-979-2800 #204
Toll-free number: 1 844 532-9383

Our job search resources

Public administration

Health and Social Services

Recruitment of health and social services professionals is done through the Department of Finance of the Government of Nunavut except for physicians and nurses. Positions are posted every Friday at the Government of Nunavut Employment.
Doctors, medical students and residents
Physician recruitment is done through the medical affairs of Qikiqtani General Hospital. You must have a valid Nunavut practice license.
Students and residents, family medicine
A partnership exists with the University of Ottawa and Memorial University of Newfoundland. Sometimes places are available for students or residents of other universities. Investments of 4 weeks minimum. For more information, contact the Réseau santé en français in Nunavut.
Nursing / Nurse
Nurses are recruited by the Ministry of Health. Different positions are available in Iqaluit and in the communities.
Positions are posted on the Nunavut Nurses. You must have a valid practice license from Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. For details, contact the RÉSEFAN.
IMPORTANT: It is absolutely necessary to be able to work in English. Health professionals will have the opportunity to serve the Francophone community but more than 90% of their work will be in English and they will be in a predominantly Anglophone environment.


Examples of available jobs:

Ministry of Health

  • Community Health Worker
  • Mental Health Consultants
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Nutrition
  • Home and Community Care Provider
  • Laboratory Technologist
  • Home Care
  • Dental health
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Audiology
  • Occupational Therapy (OT)
  • Social worker


Ministry of Family Services

  • Community social worker and child welfare
  • Social Worker
  • Adoption
  • Food Safety
  • Employment
  • Social programs

Our trainings

Tourism Training Programs

This list includes programs that are offered in French, English or Inuktitut, in Nunavut and elsewhere in Canada.


Tourism Training Programs

Are you a teacher, an active agent in the tourism industry or a student looking for an internship? Carrefour Nunavut is open to developing new partnerships and projects.

Contact us : jobs@carrefournunavut.ca