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Parent's Guide
Summer Language Camp

It's with pleasure that we present you this guide which informs you about the functioning and regulations of the day camp. You will find all the important and necessary information. For any questions or other information regarding the day camp, do not hesitate to contact a member of the day camp coordination team.

The Franco-Fun language day camp offers a variety of activities that will entertain young people from 6 to 12 years old. Once again, specialized activities are available for everyone's tastes and according to their different age group.You will find in this Guide the rules and policies, the "typical" day schedule, the list of materials to be had every day, the procedures to ensure the safety of children and details about the services.

Registration form 2018

General Informations


Dear Parents,


It's with great pleasure that Carrefour Nunavut is offering you the 4th edition of the Franco-Fun Day Camp! With a variety of motor, artistic, linguistic, collective, scientific and outdoor activities will be offered to children so that they spend an unforgettable summer. Learning the French language has never been so much fun!


All of our employees have completed qualified training including a first aid course, language training, as well as several activities to prepare adequately for the animation and supervision of your children.


We are excited to welcome your child to Franco-Fun Camp! This year, the theme of the camp will be The Great Adventurers! During the summer, your child will have the opportunity to participate in many fun activities related to this theme.


Thanking you for your collaboration,


Valérie Hélène Gagnon, AdmA
Executive director



Rules at the reception

1.2.1  IMPORTANT: We don't allow parents to leave their child at the door or near the school entrance before and after regular day camp hours.


1.2.2  When an adult comes to bring his or her children, he / she must enter the school with the youth and sign the attendance card every day.


1.2.3  When an adult picks up the child, he MUST sign the monitor at the reception and sign the attendance form every day. If someone other than the parent has to pick up the child, you must have already informed the child through the registration form or written letter to the camp management, otherwise the child will have to stay at the day camp or at the school. guard service until you introduce yourself.


Parents of children who have not left the daycare before closing at 17:30 will assume $10.00 charge for the first minute and $1.00 for each subsequent minute, payable at the time. A staff member will give you a handwritten receipt.


  • Note that you should not call the camp to report the absence of your child. No appeal shall be made by officials about it.
  • Provide your child a full meal, two healthy snacks and a bottle of water every day.
  • If your child has long hair, tie them to avoid lice epidemics.
  • If your child has an EpiPen or other point or regular medication, it is important that the door on it or that we found an agreement on custody during registration at the risk of returning home in order to ensure his safety.

1.3 Absences
Please note that we will not contact absentees.

Meals and Snacks

Meals and Snacks - Zero Waste

Each day, youth must bring a cold lunch and snacks. Since no chiller apparatus will be accessible, please provide for the use of a chiller.


We recommand:

  • Use a reusable bag or lunch box.
  • Use durable containers for sandwiches, snacks and cookies.
  • Provide a plastic or stainless steel bottle for milk, water or juice.
  • Transfer reusable food items to small reusable containers.
  • Opt for metal utensils and cloth napkins.
  • Glass containers are prohibited.


Allergies: Please work together to avoid including foods containing nuts, peanuts or seafood in your child's snacks and lunches.

Clothings & backpack

1.5 Clothings and day camp


1.5.1 In order to make the most of the activities, your child should wear:

  • Sports attire, pants or shorts 
  • Quite a long sweater, concealing enough shoulders and belly
  • A cap or hat
  • Running shoes (mandatory closed shoes) or boots
  • Sweater mandatory day camp outings
  • Appropriate clothing according to temperature
  • Avoid jewel port for safety and / or risk of loss or theft
  • Warm Clothing and impermeable depending on the temperature.


1.6 Backpack contents of your child's

  • Change of clothes
  • Appropriate clothing arts
  • Sunscreen (non aerosol)
  • In ​​case of rain, to provide a waterproof, warm clothing and rain boots



Refund Policy

1.7 Refund Policy

1.7.1 Cancellation by the participant for any reason
No refund will be made


1.7.2 Medical cancellation
For medical reasons only, the "Refund Request" form must be completed and accompanied by a duly signed medical certificate sent to the Carrefour Nunavut Branch at the latest after 5 days of absence. Pro-rated reimbursement of non-participating activities will be done at no administration fee.


1.7.3 Cancellation by Carrefour Nunavut
Carrefour Nunavut reserves the right to cancel or modify any activity that is not reached or for any other reason beyond its control. A full refund without penalty Will be prorated activities canceled.


No refunds are made in cash. A prorated service payment was completed within four weeks.


Upon registration and payment, Carrefour Nunavut issues a receipt for all transactions.

Day Camp

Registration form

Before you begin, consult the following guidelines:

  • Below you will find the registration form to complete online for your child.
  • You must complete one form for each of your children.
  • When you have completed the registration of each of your children, you must print each of the forms, sign sections 6, 7 and 10 and give them to us with your payment on the day of registration.
  • In the event that you wish to make adjustments to the registration form but have submitted it, please contact us before sending a new form.

Online registration form

Opening hours

2.1 Opening hours

All activities take place Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm unless otherwise specified. If you plan to recover your
before 4 pm, please inform Carrefour Nunavut at 867-979-2800 # 202.


2.2 Info-Camp

Every Friday, you will receive by e-mail the schedule for the coming week, including activities, the week's outing and any changes made, if any. You are responsible for reading it. If you have not received it, copies will be available at the "parents' corner" starting Monday.

Public Holidays

The camp is closed for the days:

  • July 1st: Confederation Day
  • July 9: Nunavut Day
  • August 5: Civic Day

Guard Service

3.1 Opening hours:

  • Morning from 8 am to 9 am
  • Evening from 4 pm to 5.30 pm

3.2 Additional costs

Parents of children who have not left the daycare before closing at 17:30 will assume $10.00 charge for the first minute and $1.00 for each subsequent minute, payable at the time. A staff member will give you a handwritten receipt.

3.3 Process

  • For the interest of the children, activities are organized during the hours of day care.
  • Every morning, the child must report to the monitor at the reception and signal his presence to then go to the indicated room.
  • Every evening before leaving, the parent must notify the person in charge of the reception of the departure of the child, by identifying himself and sign the departure sheet.


4.1 Personal effects

4.1.1 A place will be available for children to store their belongings.
4.1.2 Children should avoid bringing objects of monetary or sentimental value.
4.1.3 Monitors are not allowed to keep watches, money, valuables or other items
belonging to children.
4.1.4 Carrefour Nunavut is not responsible for stolen, broken or misplaced objects.


4.2 Sunscreen (non-aerosol)

4.2.1 A cream or sunscreen (minimum SPF30) is an effective protection against sunburns.
4.2.2 The sunscreen must be applied before the child leaves for the camp.
4.2.3 Monitors give breaks every day for the application of sunscreen. The responsibility of this application belongs only to the child, under the supervision of the instructors.

Illness and medication

4.4 Disease

Your child must stay at home if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever of 39 Celsius (102 Fahrenheit)
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting in the last 24 hours
  • Undiagnosed rash
  • Infectious disease
  • Presence of parasites (lice)

Note: If a child is suffering during a day of activity, a manager will contact you to come and pick him up.

4.5 Administration and storage of medication

To protect the safety of children and the responsibility of student staff, and not to substitute for parental or medical responsibility or expertise, Carrefour Nunavut will not assume any service or responsibility for administration and management. taking medication as part of its recreational programs. Please use alternative solutions for the medication of your children.



  • Administer medications at home (if needed, consult your healthcare professional for a new dosage)
  • The child is responsible for taking medication and storing it inside the day camp.

Note that Epipen or adrenaline and other medications required for emergency first aid will be administered if necessary.

Accident / Insurance

Carrefour Nunavut is not responsible for injuries incurred during activities. The expenses incurred as a result of an injury occurring during the practice of an activity are entirely assumed by the parent. If Carrefour Nunavut deems it necessary or appropriate, because of illness or accident, to transport a child by ambulance, the costs incurred will be charged to the parents.

Contact Information

Please notify us of any change in contact information (address, phone number) by notifying General Management at 867-979-2800 ext. 202.

Rules of the day camp

Please read the following rules with your child before camp starts.

  • I respect the instructors
  • I respect others, help and encourage them
  • I respect the rules of the game
  • I speak instead of shouting
  • I walk in the school
  • I am my group and always ask my monitor's permission to walk alone
  • I do not chew gum on the site
  • I respect the material and the premises
  • I do not use any form of violence, intimidation, harassment and amicably settle my differences, with the help of a
  • I use a neat language without blasphemy, vulgarity or violence
  • I'm still waiting for my instructor's directions when traveling
  • I speak in French and I encourage my friends to do the same.
  • Before going to the bathroom, I ask permission and I take the pass that allows me.
  • After my meal, I pick up my dishes, and my garbage and I clean my place.

Disciplinary measures

If a child does not respect the established rules or has behavioral problems that are detrimental to the proper functioning of the group, Carrefour Nunavut shall take the following disciplinary measures:

  • 1st warning: the child is informed verbally by the monitor.
  • 2nd warning: the child is met by the supervisor who explains the attitude to correct and makes an agreement with him.
  • 3rd Warning: the day camp supervisor and the supervisor meet with the child and communicate with the parents to inform them of their child's behavior problems and then to establish a mutual agreement. The information is recorded in the child's file.
  • 4th warning: Disciplinary measures are determined according to the seriousness of the actions taken. The child can be
    temporarily suspended for one day (outing or regular day) or permanently removed from day camp activities.

NOTE: a serious behavioral problem can lead immediately to the application of disciplinary measures without the first three (3) warnings being applied. The general interest will always prevail over the particular interest. It's by applying this vision that the day camp service will deal with any problem of behavior.

  • Carrefour Nunavut reserves the right to expel any child with a behavioral problem.
  • No refund will be given during a suspension or dismissal from the summer camp.


Carrefour Nunavut is committed to creating a healthy and safe living environment for children. The camp has adopted a series of preventive measures to create and maintain a safe environment. From the beginning of the camp, your child will receive the code of life that touches the violence, camaraderie and respect that must be found within the group. The children, as well as the camp staff, will be invited to respect it. Children will also be informed of the importance of talking to someone they trust, if unpleasant situations occur.
The camp provides a safe environment. We therefore need your cooperation to ensure a healthy living environment and a safe environment for children. That's why the camp asks you to read the code of life, talk to your child, and encourage them to talk about a problem or an uncomfortable situation to an adult with whom they feel comfortable, who can listen to them and help them.


We know that the vigilance of parents is an important protective factor for young people. In case you are in the presence, witness or informed of a problem or an unpleasant situation, please consult the camp coordinator and give him a summary of the situation. The coordinator will follow up, intervene and put in place the necessary measures.


Carrefour Nunavut wishes to inform you that non-compliance with the code of conduct contained in the Code of Life may have consequences. The camp chose to apply, depending on the severity of the case, with a trial period between each stage, the procedure listed above.


We are counting on your cooperation to provide children with meaningful camp experiences safely.


Parents Guide 2018