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The question of strengths: the best way to answer them

What is the best way to answer them

In a selection process, some interview questions often come up, like the one about your main strengths. In fact, this is understandable because one of the main purposes of an interview is to evaluate your future contribution to the position you are applying.
So, if you have difficulty answering this question, it can have a direct impact on how your application will be considered.
Having myself been running selection processes for companies and accompanying job seekers for several years, I noticed that many candidates do not know how to answer such a question.


The most common mistake

To the famous question, what are your strengths? Many candidates list forces one after the other. I am responsible, meticulous, helpful, persevering, versatile, etc.


The qualities you attribute to yourself without explanation have little impact. These are just a series of words. First, it's hard to know what you're referring to, for example, when you use the word "responsible".


You respect your commitments? You know how to handle a lot of responsibilities simultaneously? Do you bear the consequences of your actions?


Moreover, anyone can say the same thing, because nothing is supported by any evidence.


Take the time to structure your answer

I suggest you list fewer forces, but take the time to develop and illustrate each of them.

Before naming your forces, quickly introduce the strategy to answer this question to the recruiter.

Here is an example: There are three forces that come to mind that distinguish me from others. I am a resourceful person, I am considered a good team worker and finally, I am creative. If you would, for each force, I could give you a specific example.
In this way, it is easy for the recruiter to follow you. Besides, he has the opportunity to appreciate your ability to organize your thinking.


Be specific with powerful examples

For each force, be prepared to name a specific achievement.

An achievement does not have to be a general explanation. I am resourceful, because when I encounter an obstacle, I find new solutions.

In this answer, you have defined the word Fog and not share a personal experience.

Learn to master the S-T-A-R model (S = Situation, T = Task, A = Action, R = Result).

Here's a better way to answer: I consider myself to be a resourceful person. For example, last year, in my office (situation), I was asked to do a market study (task). I decided to consult books in the library as well as a former teacher (action). I managed to do the work on time and my boss was very satisfied. Thanks to this work, we were able to identify a sales strategy that allowed us to increase our profits by 10% (result).

Expect the recruiter to ask additional questions to better understand. The more accurate your indicators are (like 10% profits), the more convincing you will be.


Well select the strengths to put forward

It's important to identify the forces that best represent you and meet the requirements of the position.

In addition, it is important to vary your strengths so that you do not focus on one aspect of your personality. For example, imagine a candidate saying that his strengths are interpersonal skills, sociability and mutual aid. Yes, the recruiter will obviously understand that the candidate has human qualities, but he will wonder if he has other strengths. The goal is to demonstrate that you are a candidate covering a set of desired qualities.

Also avoid forces related to a technical component (knowledge or know-how).

My great strength is my knowledge of ABC and XYZ computer software.

Two reasons why this type of response is not strategic:

  • This information about you is already known because the recruiter has already read it in your resume. Maybe that's why you were selected for the interview stage
  • This strength is related to learning and does not showcase your personality. For example, if software comes to evolve, this force will no longer be one.

Express yourself with conviction

It is not enough to have an answer with a relevant element. You must also be able to transmit it orally.

You must be very well prepared to respond, but at the same time, look natural and spontaneous in the way you express yourself. An interview should look like a conversation and not a dissertation.

Be dynamic and put emotion when it's relevant. When I started this project, I was really proud of myself!

In conclusion, prepare yourself particularly for this question because it remains central.

Of course, it is possible that the wording for this question differs from one recruiter to another.

  • Why should we select you?
  • If you asked your former employer to talk about you, what would he tell us?
  • Tell me about yourself

N’hésitez pas à vous pratiquer auprès d’un ami, cela aura un effet bénéfique lorsque viendra le moment du grand jour.


Article posted on Jobbooom