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As a new arrival, you can benefit from a number of services to ensure that your relocation is as smooth as possible. By subscribing to our Passeport Nunavut programme, you will have the privilege of being greeting in French upon your arrival at the airport. You will then be invited to take a guided tour of the town and to attend an information session. You will also have the opportunity to discover a network of French organisations and services and to win prizes. The purpose of the programme is to allow participants to integrate quickly and easily to life in the capital, and to contribute to the economic development of Nunavut. The Passport Nunavut programme is also suitable for French organisations and businesses. Let the adventure begin!



  • Being greeted at the airport
  • A guided tour of Iqaluit.
  • An information session – “Living and working in Nunavut.”
  • Access to a network of French organisations and services
  • The opportunity to create strong professional links
  • Free subscription to our Passeport Nunavut Hebdo newsletter to keep you up-to-date with upcoming events and activities.
  • The chance to win prizes.


Are you an employer in Nunavut? Sign up your new francophone employees at no charge to Passeport Nunavut ahead of their arrival in Iqaluit! By signing them up they will receive a warm welcome and access to numerous services that will facilitate their integration. 


Newly arrived in Iqaluit? Passeport Nunavut was designed for you! This pass will facilitate your arrival and integration into the francophone community of Nunavut.