Why invest
in Nunavut?

Zero limit

You have the soul of an entrepreneur.? Looking for business opportunities? Nunavut is a thriving territory. It's up to you to explore the many Nunavut opportunities has to offer: minerals, fishery products, oil and gas, business tourism and ecotourism, construction, hotels and restaurants, consulting services, and more. Nunavut is also a great place for scientific exploration and a hub for trade through the Northwest Passage.

Francophone preference

Carrefour Nunavut is the gateway for all Francophone entrepreneur who wish to start a business or invest in Nunavut. Our experts will help you identify your strengths, assess your potential market, develop your network and guide you through the steps of achieving your dream. Carrefour Nunavut will give you access to a pan-Canadian Francophone economic development network and will open doors for you to optimize the growth of your business.

Financial benefits

Generous government incentives are offered to encourage economic development in the region. Investors who partner with Nunavut businesses can access financing and access loans and wage subsidies. At Carrefour Nunavut, we can assist you in finding the information and resources to benefit from all financial advantages, granted in this territory.

Undertaking in Nunavut

Discover a world of opportunity in several sectors such as, public administration, mining and petroleum, construction, real estate, education and health. You want to build a business or invest in Nunavut, it's up to you to explore these multiples possibilities!