La petite séduction in Iqaluit

A succesful adventure!

The popular Quebec television show called La petite séduction visited Iqaluit in the spring of 2015. The show was aired on ICI Radio-Canada July 29, 2015 and is available online here: (in French only)

A short video with English subtitles is also available on the city of Iqaluit website here: 

The concept of the show is inspired by the Quebec film La Grande Seduction (Seducing Doctor Lewis). Each week, a village tries to seduce a popular artist from Quebec or the Canadian Francophonie. The host Dany Turcotte hits the road with his guest and introduces him to a village and its inhabitants. The villagers then mobilize to entice the guest artist with generosity, enticing at the same time the many viewers of the popular show. La petite seduction is now in its 11th season.

Carrefour Nunavut was the promoter of this beautiful project in Iqaluit. Discover the souvenir album, the many sponsors and the project history bellow:

Filming La Petite Séduction in Iqaluit: A Successful Adventure!
Join Us for the Filming of La Petite Séduction in Iqaluit!
A Successful Family Fun Fair! Thanks to All the Volunteers
Let Iqaluit Shine!

La petite séduction à Iqaluit

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