Going into business in Nunavut

You have the profile for business?

Here in Nunavut, you will find opportunities for all types of business. Tourism for instance is important in Nunavut's capital but also in the communities that rely on economic development to flourish. Looking forward to open a Bed and Breakfast or offer tourist activities as providers? There is so much to do ! Different organizations are developing business in Nunavut. Their role? Help you complete your project. Carrefour Nunavut helps entrepreneurs in providing support to start-ups,  training and internships.

You would like to share your project? We would like to meet you!

Here is a list of organisms that could help your projects:

Also in French :

Carrefour Nunavut : www.carrefournunavut.ca
Entreprises Canada : www.entreprisescanada.ca

Société de crédit commercial du Nunavut (SCCN) : www.nbcc.nu.ca/french/home.html

In English only :

Société de développement des affaires de Baffin : www.baffinbdc.ca
Chambre de commerce de Baffin : www.baffinchamber.ca
Nunavut Tourism : www.nunavuttourism.com
                           Marketing Assistance Program (offered to their members only)
Nunavut Film Development Corporation : For nunavut filmakers
                                                                           For non-nunavut filmakers

Inuktitut bilingual Organism (english and inuktitut):

Kakivak association: www.kakivak.ca

Programs from the Nunavut Ministry of Economic Development and Transportations:

Three Small Business Support Programs. Here.

Two Strategic Investments Programs.Here

Community Acess Roads Program.Here

The Nunavut business guide. Get the guide here.

A list of several organisms dedicated to business developement. Here.

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