Doing business in French

''Francophones put great economic development initiatives forward. They are a proactive and innovative community that strives to improve local business opportunities".

Michel Robillard,
vice-président de CanNor
Magazine UpHere Business- Juillet 2009

Businesses in Nunavut will increasingly be asked to comply with the Official Languages Act in place in the Territory. What’s more, offering services in French is a definite asset for any service business; that would set you apart from your competitors and attract additional Francophone clientele, and its loyalty.

If you have an employee or a business partner that can represent your business, we suggest that you become a member of Carrefour Nunavut;this would grant you access to numerous benefits, which include free publication of Job Offers, and a free Web Page in our Members’ section.

If your business does not qualify for a membership, you can nonetheless publish your job offers on our Website. Please communicate with us to learn more about our rates.

Business Start-up

Would you like to start your own business in Nunavut?

Nunavut has seen strong economic growth over the past 10 years.There still are many appealing business opportunities. Carrefour Nunavut offers many business Start-up support services:

  • - Training;
  • - Website Design Support;
  • - Web page and publicizing on our Internet Site;
  • - Translation and Interpretation Support Services;
  • - Staffing;
  • - Business Start-up Support; and
  • - Business Plan Development Support.

For more information about our services, please contact
François Fortin
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(867) 979-2800 #205

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